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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a set of questions that have been put together by Plumbwise Plumbing Services to try and answer any common questions you may have about our business and services. To talk to us about any of these questions, please contact us today on 02 9943 4033:


How much do you charge for your services?
We charge a fair price for an excellent job. We also provide obligation free quotes and guarantee that our quoted price is always adhered to.


How long will the job take?
Every job is based on its merits, with time evaluation and an explanation of the schedule, prior to commencement. If the time is not suitable, we will reschedule a time at your convenience.


Are you licensed?
Every Plumbwise tradesperson is a registered plumber and gasfitter.


Are you insured?
Plumbwise Plumbing Services holds Public Liability insurance and Business Insurance to the value of $20,000,000. This protects you and your property against any accidental damage.


Do you have a call out fee?
Yes, a call out fee is only charged once, no matter how many times we need to return to your job. A call out fee covers the expenses associated with getting a professional qualified plumber to your door, administration of your job and peace of mind with after sales service.


Can you guarantee your plumbing work?
Absolutely! All Plumbwise Plumbing Services trades workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.


Will you be on time when we make an appointment?
Yes. On time unless prior arrangements have been made.


Can we trust you with a key if you have to be somewhere?
Yes. All Plumbwise Plumbing Services staff have been checked for integrity with credit reporting agencies and the police department, so you can leave a key if you have other things to do.


Can you call me a half an hour prior to your arrival to make sure I can be home?
If you need to be present on-site, or would prefer a reminder call for confirmation, Plumbwise Plumbing Services can call you half an hour prior to our arrival.


Can you work to a budget?
Yes. All Plumbwise Plumbing Services jobs can be quoted at a fixed price up-front, so we can work to a budget and avoid any mid-job surprises.


Do you provide FREE quotes for any job?
Of course! Plumbwise Plumbing Services believes in being courteous and providing superior service with free quotations.


Can we book jobs well in advance?
Naturally. If you have time issues, are not in an emergency situation or involved in a more complex construction project, Plumbwise Plumbing Services can book forward schedules so your job runs smoothly.


Can we have the same technician on the job?
If you choose, we will provide the same tradesperson to service your job, so they can get to know your specific requirements and your unique job history.


Can you provide an account facility?
Plumbwise Plumbing Services can provide 7, 14 and 30 day accounts to approved business clients.


How can you guarantee that the technician will do the job correctly?
Plumbwise Plumbing Services have unique systems and procedures to ensure superior quality control and legal compliance. At the completion of each job, all reporting is reviewed by our service department and senior technicians plus random quality audits are undertaken regularly to ensure jobs have been done properly. Plumwise Plumbing Services use Survey Monkey to conduct these surveys. It is web-based and should take about 2 minutes to complete. If you want to view this survey, please follow this link to start the survey:


Can you pay by credit card?
Yes. Plumbwise Plumbing Services have facilities for Credit Card payment with Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa card.


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