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Industrial Plumbing Services

HOW MAY WE HELP YOU with your industrial plumbing



Plumbwise Plumbing understand how critical it is to have your most important equipment working at its best, and know what is at stake when things break down.


Plumbwise will be there to help when you need an immediate response, quality workmanship and friendly advice.

The needs of specialised industry companies are wide and varied. Whether your business specialises in medicine, education or mining, Plumbwise Plumbing should be your plumbing contractor of choice. Our highly experienced team can ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant.

We know that maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at maximum efficiency. We ensure our contractors are up to date with current Work Health and Safety practices and do our best to ensure that all sites are safe before proceeding with any work.

Plumbwise is constantly training in new technologies and is happy to provide any advice whether it’s new installations, designing a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance:


Our industrial plumbing services include:

- Preventative maintenance

- Scheduled maintenance
- Emergency service

- Fault finding & repairs
- Plumbing design water, sanitary and drainage
- Back flow prevention
- Gas fitting
- Drain clearing
- Roof and Gutter cleaning